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Start: 1926  
End: 1932  
Place: Arnhem  
Gelria, NV, Plateelfabriek 

Gelria, Gouda pottery factory in Arnhem. Simple decorative pottery with sprayed cold-lacquer, imitation of Gouda decorations. Pottery factory Regina made an appeal to the Copyright-Act of 1912 for a too obvious imitation of a decor for decorative pottery. Mark/backstamp see picture.

After Klaas Vet was dismissed at the Arnhem Faience Factory in 1926, he established the same year  Gelria with a few new co-workers & some loyal colleaques. Because of the shortage of work, saturation of the pottery market and the lost lawsuit, the company closed its doors in the middle of the economic crisis in 1932.

K. Vet, W.A. van Ham


Two Gelria vases, decor Aroe, polychrome painting, 1928. Gelria cache pot, 1930, decor Flora, polychrome painting.