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Start: 1779  
Place: Gouda/Nieuw Buinen  
Goedewaagen's Koninklijke Hollandsche Pijpen- en Aardewerkfabrieken NV 

Plateelbakkerij Goedewaagen, this Gouda pottery factory developed from Gouda Pipes Factory to a prominent company in decorative art ceramics and contemporary hollow-ware/household pottery, still in operation. Mark/backstamp see picture.

Gouda pipes and crude pottery dinnerware, after 1919 decorative art & kitchenware pottery, In 1923 take over De Distel, since 1928 disappearance of the name Distel of the (sgrafitto) tile sceneries, of the o.a. K.P.M. ships and decorative art ceramics.

In the twenties Lion Cachet's high relief tile-sceneries, in white crude clay with expressive waving, cranes, mermaids or tropical flowers decorations, produced with gold lustre and bright coloured enamel glazes. Dutch Royal pottery (Lion Cachet head designer), 40.000 tiles for 40 year reign-jubilee of Queen Wilhelmina in 1938. In the thirties Delft Blue pottery with a peacock decorative pattern. After World War II most popular was dinner set “Olaf” decorated with blue tulip, called scornful “Servants Set”, because the working class was now also able to obtain Delft Ware. Till 1923 simple household pottery and Gouda Pipes, after 1923 the factory atelier opents its doors for experiments and became famous in the art world as avant-garde bastion.

In World War II  Goedewaagen started trade by barter for employee-meals. Imitation of their colour use in the fifties by other pottery factories. At the end of the fifties dinner set Maestro, designed by Zweitse Landsheer a hudge success. Between 1960 - 1965, dinnerware and decorative art pottery in Bone China sold by the (higher segment, more expensive trendy shops) Bijenkorf and Jansen Van Galen in Amsterdam. In the sixties no longer a specific target group.

In ’82 bankrupt,  in 1983 a new start with the Zuid Holland moulds/models adopted after PZH's bankrupty in 1965. Natural decorated wall plates, vases and Delft Ware (o.a. till 1992 Royal Distel) & advertisement & souvenir items (since 1985).

In 2005 lawsuit between Bols & Goedewaagen, about the ceramic KLM Canal Houses Jars, Case: Goedewaagen also made different liquor bottles/jars, but they were very similar to the KLM first class little houses made for Bols and of poor quality according to Bols.

J. Gidding, L. Nienhuis, W. Harzing, T. Vos, H.J. Jansen van Galen, C.A, Lion Cachet, W.H. van Norden, S. Schellink, P.C.C. Wiegman, J. Weiland.


Goedewaagen baluster vase, 1930, decor Floor, polychrome decoration. KLM canal  houses, made by Goedewaagen for Bols.
Gouda pipe from 1875-1925, Goedewaagen. Goedewaagen dinner set/dinnerware, design Zweitse Landsheer.