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Start: 1909/1923  
End: 1930  
Place: Utrecht/Maarssen  
Lukas, Kunstaardewerkfabriek St. 

The name St. Lukas refers to patron saint Sint Lukas of the historical (15-18 century) guild of  painters, glass writers and casters.

In Utrecht, since 1909 produced this pottery factory decorative art pottery, finished off with expensive lustre glaze reflet métallique, used gold dust. Japanese influence: in yellow, purple and blue lustre glaze pottery with nature decorations, especially insects, plants & fish, surface structure (1913).

Because of the recession, St. Lukas made since 1927 in Maarssen less expensive pottery items. Simple St Lukas ceramics made of moulds brought along from Utrecht, but the colours and decorations changed into an yellow/red background, stripes or stylized flowers. St. Lukas became part of the Nieuwe Kunst/New Art.

C.J.A. Begeer, J.C. Heytze, J. van Ham, C.J. van Muijen, G.J.D. Offermans, R. Sterken


Lustre glaze St. Lukas Utrecht vases, 1915.