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Born: 1893  
Died: 1971  
Place: Maastricht  
Bellefroid, G.M.E. 

Edmond Bellefroid's designs are path-breaking in the technical possibilities of the mechanical pottery production. Restyled old models and designed 35 new ceramic dinner sets. Mark/backstamp Edm. Bellefroid.

Bellefroid designed between 1929-1946 different items for de Sphinx, but also for the Hema, Geubels and the Bijenkorf (Dutch stores), sometimes strict/hard line designs with a geometrical shape and bright color, but also so now and than traditional shaped with repeating abstract pattern. Designs for every taste!

The strict designed dinner set Thea of 1934 screams Bauhaus and Nieuwe Zakelijkheid, a new harmony between model-beauty and functionality. Industrial designer at Mosa from 1946.


Servies Thea ontwerp Bellefroid, 1934 strakke lijnen en hoeken, Bauhaus & Nieuwe Zakelijkheid. Mosa servies model Noblesse ontwerp Edmond bellefroid, 1957.