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Born: 1841  
Died: 1930  
Place: Doesburg/Laagkeppel  
Colenbrander, T.C.A. 

Decorative artist Theodoor Colenbrander designed between 1884 and 1889 for Rozenburg, new models for jugs, vases and plates. New waving shapes in designs, like the knobs in bamboo, inspired by the oriental Far East. Turban-jugs, vases with covers similar to the Turkisch minaret. Mark/backstamp: full name or dutch (red, bleu and white) flag.

Colenbrander's decorations were capricious and colourfull with (not directly recognizable) vegetable and animal elements on a cream/white background, reminds of the Indonesian batik techniques (the two dimensional character of the applied square ornament). He connected with the international symbolism, which gave objects a deeper emotional meaning, by giving these creations names like "ice" and "day and night" or a poem as title.

Was employed at Zuid Holland during 1912-1913, Colenbrander himself was not happy with his work at this pottery factory. Because of the joyless models and dark clay mat glaze, his sparkle designs did not come alive. Designer at de Ram (1920-1930) established especially for Colenbrander at the age of 80 years. He designed 700 different decorative patterns and 60 models in his pottery factory de Ram period.


Turban-vases, 1886, high gloss polychrome painting by Colenbrander. Theodoor Colenbrander collection of De Ram vases and cache pots, ca. 1925.