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Start: 1883  
End: 1916  
Place: Rozenburg (Den Haag)  
Rozenburg, NV, Haagse Plateelfabriek 

In the beginning Rozenburg produced Old Delft ware imitation pottery, later on magnificent decorative art pottery and eggshell porcelain. Mark/backstamp: Rozenburg Den Haag and always the stork.

Later on decorative art pottery at Rozenburg: original bright colours, asymmetrical, nature decoration, tile sceneries till 1889; Colenbrander-pottery. Production of  eggshell porcelain between 1899-1914; super thin and light ceramics in Art Nouveau-style: waving, curling models and swished colourful decorations, high quality very famed, very expensive, high production costs. Continued the production of decorated tiles, tile-sceneries (J. Toorop) and pottery. Haagsche Pottery factory Rozenburg received the title 'Koninklijk/Royal' in 1900. Juliana-pottery since 1909.

T.A.C. Colenbrander, E. Bokhorst, D.H. Harkink, J.C. Heytze, W. Jansen, J.K. Leurs, F.J. Mansveld, L.A. Iseger, D. de Ruiter, J. Kok, W.P. Hartgring, D.P.J. de Ruiter, S. Schellink. Toorop, J. van der Vet etc.


Eggshell porcelain vases of Pottery Factory Rozenburg. First one decorated by Roelof Sterken, 1902, the tall vase dates of 1900. Decor Juliana, Rozenburg pottery vase.
High gloss polychrome decor belly-vases, Pottery Factory Rozenburg Den Haag, 1898 Rozenburg Den Haag polychrome Theodoor Colenbrander plates.